Same rates – cleaner energy


  • There are a variety of benefits to investing in local renewable energy projects with local CCA revenue surpluses.
  • CCAs are cost competitive because they have a low overhead and non-profit status. There are no shareholder profit margins or million dollar salaries.
  • CCAs are cost competitive with IOUs by taking advantage of historically low natural gas prices to augment the purchase of more clean energy.
  • CCAs also have low borrowing costs from tax exempt financing.
  • CCAs can facilitate a faster up-take of solar, windturbines, biomass or other forms of renewable generationprojects by offering property owners fair market rates for the energy that they generate.
  • Developing local renewable energy sources such as biomass,solar and wind allows for the procurement of local energy incloser proximity to the demand.
    • Up to 40% of energy generated to power a home or business is lost in the process of transmission.
  • Communities become more energy secure when they develop local distributed renewable energy sources.


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