Local Control


  • CCAs allow the local region to determine what type of energy mix best serves their customers.
  • By investing in our own power generation sources, we can lock in the cost of power to avoid endless price hikes.
  • In our area, energy is provided by PG&E -an Investor Owned Utility (IOU). They procure power, maintain transmission lines, deliver energy, and provide customer service.
  • CCA offers a third, hybrid option, where key energy functions are split between a public entity (the CCA) and the Investor Owned Utility (PG&E). The CCA procures power while the IOU maintains the transmission lines, delivers the power, and provides the customer service.
  • CCA puts energy procurement and pricing into local hands through a new local public entity designed from the ground up to be run efficiently like a for-profit enterprise. Marin Clean Energy is a great example of this.
  • Our local agency would control pricing of electricity.


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