History and Background of Community Choice Aggregation

A little background first:

  • Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) was enabled by California legislation AB117
  • A CCA allows local governments to purchase and generate power to sell to residential and business customers.
  • Energy transmission, distribution, repair and customer service remain the responsibility of PG&E.


Are there any other CCAs in California?

  • Yes, but only 1 (Marin County)
  • Marin County established Marin Clean Energy, the first CCA in the US, in 2008
  • Marin Clean Energy currently provides power to more than 80% of that county's residents at a similar cost to PG&E, but with 50% of the power coming from renewable sources
  • In 2010 PG&E's energy mix included 15.9% of its power from renewable sources.


Webster's definition of a CCA:

  • Community Choice Aggregation is a mechanism by which local governments assume responsibility for providing electrical power for residential and commercial customers in their jurisdiction, in partnership with Pacific Gas & Electric Company.
  • Community Choice Aggregation is one of the key strategies to meet projected greenhouse gas reduction targets and provides the opportunity to fund and implement a wide variety of local clean energy community programs.

What is the Project Development Committee?

  • A Project Development Advisory Commitee (PDAC) has been formed to explore the potential formation of CCA in the Monterey Bay Region.  The PDAC has been empowered through a fiscal sponsorship with the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County for the first phase of the technical feasibility study.  The PDAC is charged with investigation, guiding, and determining the technical and financial feasibility of CCA.
  • Determining the technical and financial feasibility of CCA requires participating jurisdictions to allow the PDAC and its assigns to obtain and analyze load data from PG&E Co., and to conduct public education and outreach to determine if there is public support for CCA in the Monterey Bay Region.

Participating Cities and Counties (no general funds will be impacted)

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