Our money stays local


  • CCAs do not have shareholders and are not required to provide profits to investors.
  • The profit margins usually taken out of the local area by the utility company turn into local CCA surpluses that stay in the community.
  • CCAs can be a vital piece of local economic development through job creation.
  • Funding local renewable energy projects helps to create jobs in the green jobs sector.
  • Investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency jobs creates employment that can’t be shipped to other countries.
  • Investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects creates jobs in the construction, manufacturing, installation and maintenance sectors of the economy.
  • Local green jobs generate a NEW local economic multiplier in the community. Each dollar spent in the local economy is multiplied 7 times as goods and services are exchanged in the community
  • CCAs are revenue based and cost competitive; they are not taxpayer supported.


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