Monterey Bay Community Choice Aggregation
Policy - Planning - Implementation


Exploratory Committee

• Explore Partnership w/Santa Cruz County; MoCo/SCC   Cities; SD’s/JPA’s (COMPLETED)
• Support from: CCA Rep’s in Marin, Sonoma, SLO, SF
• Initial Review & Analysis of CCA Options:

 1) Status Quo (Do Nothing)

 2) Possibility of MEA Membership

 3) Create Monterey County/Monterey Bay CCA
    (*many possible models)

 4) Committee Recommendations & Next Steps

• Estimated Timeline: 1 to 6 months; Cost: $30k


Conduct Feasibility Study

• Cost-Benefit Analysis of Multiple Scenarios
• Load Calc’s; Local Supply/Resource Analysis; Procurement Options
• Rate/Price Modeling & PG&E Rate Parity Analysis
• Jobs & Economic Development Projections
• GHG Emission Reduction Projections
• Identify Start-up Costs & Short-term Financing needs
• Plus Estimated Payback Period
• Estimated Timeline: 2 to 12 months; Cost: $50k to $150k


• Legal Review & Bond Council; Public Outreach/Input
• Structure (JPA?); Ordinance Adoption; Board Selection
• Implementation Plan Developed & Submitted to CPUC for Approval
• Additional Legal/Regulatory Work; Staffing Plan & Staff Selection
• RFP Developed & Issued for Energy Procurement
• PG&E Service Agreement Submitted; PG&E Negotiations
• Energy Service & Other Vendor Contracts Negotiated/Ratified
• First 3 (of 4 Total) Required Opt-out Notices Sent
• Estimated Timeline: 6 to 18 months; Cost: $TBD
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CCA Next Steps
Select Consultants

• Experienced Pro’s needed to guide remaining steps
• LEAN; LPI, Inc.; Dalessi Management Consulting, LLC; Others?
• What services could/would each provide?
• Estimated Timeline and Costs?

• Request for Proposal vs. Sole Source Contract

Participating Cities and Counties (no general funds will be impacted)

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