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What is Monterey Bay Community Power (Aggregation)?

  • Established by State law AB 117 , Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) allows cities and counties to pool their residential, 
    business and municipal electricity loads, and to purchase power (and/or generate it) on their behalf.
    Energy transmission, distribution, repair and customer service functions remain with the incumbent utility.

Why would CCA be beneficial to our community?

  • Community Choice - CCA puts control of energy 
    purchasing into local hands and allows the local
    region to determine what type of energy mix
    best serves their customers.
  • Local Money Staying Local -
    Some of the revenue that would 
    normally flow to an IOU like PG&E would now stay in our
    community to fund renewable energy, create jobs and
    stimulate the local economy.
  • Clean Energy Choices - Funding local renewable energy and 
    energy efficiency projects such as, higher use of solar, wind,
    and biomass, helps to boost the green jobs sector.
  • Environmental Benefits - Increased clean energy choices help 
    to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and

    meet State mandates for carbon reduction.
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